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Stop Making Paper Orphans of Nepal's Children

Image of Orchid Garden provides realistic alternative to orphanages



Orchid Garden provides realistic alternative to orphanages

Every year hundreds of Nepali children are turned into "paper orphans" just because their parents cannot care for them and work at the same time. One of the only affordable day-care centers in Kathmandu, the Orchid Garden, has the solution to this problem. A safe, affordable place for children to stay and learn while poor parents work to just get that day's meal. Perhaps as many as 60% of Nepal's "orphans" are economic orphans and should not be in institutions, but in day care. (source UNICEF)


What is The Issue?

Working-class families lack the community support and financial security to leave their children in a safe environment where children are supervised, fed and educated. Instead, these toddlers are left at orphanages or are tied to furniture and left at home alone so that their parents can make barely enough money to feed their family.

What is Our Solution?

Orchid Garden Nepal provides low cost and safe daycare for children under five years old as well as a newly added classroom for grade one. At our growing facility, children get a healthy meal, room to play and plenty of tender, love, care. We also sponsor 67 children to go to elementary school after preschool. There are 104 children at OGN every day. They study, they get good food. Their parents can work and know their children are safe and getting a head start on an education. Everyone wins.

What is The Long-term Impact?

With poor working families free to pursue work without worrying about their children's care, both mother and father can earn more wages and improve the financial standing of the family. The children are getting a good head start education program and meals, so they will be ready to compete in school and succeed.

Project Message:

"Nepal needs me, I need our kids. So before I die, I want to do something memorable. I want to make my Orchid Garden BIG!"
- Bina "Didi" Basnet, Founder of Orchid Garden Nepal

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