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Educate Children Girl's education is key to ending poverty
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Empowering Women Empowering women is the foundation of progress

Addressing Poverty-Related Issues in Developing Mountain Cultures

Her Farm Films

Her Farm Films, teaching media skills to women in Nepal

From Our Director | 14 April 2016

How do you empower women? Put them in power. Sound too simple? Her Farm is a 100% woman owned and operated farm. Mountain Volunteer, our volunteer program is managed by women. Her Farm Films will be another woman-managed program that will put women in charge of the messages in the media about women. If you want women to lead, give them something to lead. 


Water Restored to the Village

From Our Director | 6 February 2016

The quakes in Nepal caused the water supply in Mankhu village to drop by over 50%.  People were optomistic that after the monsoons the water supply would return but it did not. As a farm community in the hilly country of Nepal water for irrigation of crops and livestock is crucial. Months after the quakes fields lay fallow for lack of irrigation, milk production is down as there isn't enough water to care properly for dairy cows and several houses in the village don't have any drinking water at all and have to carry it from a neighbors house, though the nieghbor barely has any to spare. That was our situation. 
Thanks to you, that is no longer our situation. We were able to obtain...

earthquake resistent housing demonstration

Alternative building methods taught at Her Farm

From Our Director | 18 August 2015

More than 80% of the homes in Mankhu were destroyed or seriously damaged in the April, 2015 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. The challenge that lies ahead is how to rebuild and make these homes safer. The typical village home is made with stones and mud mortar. While there is a center beam in the home, there's no structural component that ties all the walls together, such as a ring beam, so each wall moves independent of the others. 
Right now we have a well known architect who specializes in earthquake resistent housing teaching the villagers how to incorporate gabion walls as a part of their traditional housing. A gabion wall is stone that is wrapped with metal fencing thereby...

Nepali man getting cash after quake

Nepal Earthquake update. Mountain Fund accomplishments to date, future challenges.

From Our Director | 11 June 2015

We’ve been trying to keep news updates on our Facebook page at but power outages, internet issues and the sheer amount of work we’ve been doing have made it hard to update as much and as regularly as we’d like to do in an ideal world. Nepal is not, at the moment, an ideal world. 

Immediately following the first big quake Mountain Fund mobilized and brought two truckloads of food and a load of tarpaulins to the villages of Mankhu and Goganpani. While Mankhu is home to Her Farm, the village of Goganpani is nearby. We have friends in that community and many of the young people from Mankhu attend school there, so it was natural...

Tarp shelters in Mankhu

Nepal Earthquake Update: April 29, 2015

From Our Director | 29 April 2015

Here's what is needed in the short-term future to rebuild Mankhu and Goganpani villages.
1) Tarps, so people have temporary shelter. We have about 125 tarps out to homes now, but need more like 400.
2) Solar flashlights and Candles
3) Devices to charge cell phones from solar - simple ones that will charge many types of phones.
4) We started to fix the road to the village. About $3000 or so is needed to get the road in working order.
5) We are going to need a truck. There's going to be tons of material needed for re-construction. There's just one old truck servicing these villages now, that's not going to cut it. Need about $20,000 or so to truck in building...

village homes damaged

Nepal Earthquake

From Our Director | 27 April 2015

All of us here at Mountain Fund in Nepal are safe. I just arrived in Kathmandu and was happy to see the city in far better shape than I had feared. We were at Her Farm when the earthquake hit and nearly every home in our village is damaged, most will require a total rebuild. We are going back to the village now with fresh supplies and to work with the villagers to begin to rebuild their homes. It's important we get a lot done before the monsoons come or people who are living in makeshift tents, made of tarps and tin, will face a very hard time of it in the rainy season. Thanks for you help and support. 

Scott MacLennan
Executive Director

year in review on issue

2014 Year in Review

From Our Director | 31 December 2014

We've just published our 2014 Year in Review on Issuu. Please give it a look and thanks for all your support and help in 2014, it's made a huge difference in the lives of many young women and children i in Nepal.
Please click on the "read more" button for the link to our publication.

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