Educate Children
Educate Children Girl's education is key to ending poverty
Provide Health Care
Provide Health Care Basic health is a priority for development
Empowering Women
Empowering Women Empowering women is the foundation of progress

Addressing Poverty-Related Issues in Developing Mountain Cultures

Benefit El Salvador

Imagine seeking medical attention from a hospital that refuses 300 people everyday because it lacks the staff and resources to treat its patients. This devastating situation is a reality for millions of people in El Salvador. As an agent of change, Benefit El Salvador delivers urgently needed medical supplies and healthcare training to rural community clinics that serve over 180 patients everyday.

Young Women Growing Hope in the Himalaya

Young women are growing hope at Her Farm

| 28 November 2013

When we started Her Farm we had a vision of women coming from abusive family situations and living at the farm where they could support themselves and their children. That's still our mission and vision at the farm, however something else is taking place at the farm, something unexpected and wonderful. For the past two years as we've been working to get all the infrastructure in place to house and feed women and educate their children the farm has been managed by young women. Most of these young women also work for us at Mountain Volunteer, our program for volunteering in Nepal. 
These young women have proven to themselves and to everyone else just how capable they are. They are taking...

Reena at Her Farm


From Our Director | 19 October 2013

So, let me explain to you Her Farm. This is Reena. She's 19 and has a 4 year old son and is now 5 months pregnant. Her husband barely works at all, just some odd jobs once in a while. They live next door to Her Farm. Reena didn't have any family growing up so at a young age she decided to get married so she could maybe get some clothing and food (her words). We hire her to tend the livestock and do other work at the farm. She's got a job, she's making money. All the rest we can't fix, but we can make it possible for Reena to hold her head up.

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal, Explore, Learn, Contribute

From Our Volunteers | 9 June 2013

We've just created a new video for volunteering in Nepal. Check out everything there is to see and do. Explore, Learn, Contribute when you volunteer in Nepal. The video is here

Earthbag home

Nepal - Housing for women nearly complete at Her Farm

From Our Volunteers | 25 April 2013

With help from 34 volunteers from Stelly's Secondary School, we've nearly finished the first home for women at Her Farm in Nepal. Her Farm is a home for landless women and children who have no place to go. In the past these women would often end up in a group home or shelter in Kathmandu. There, they'd be taught tailoring, weaving or some other skill that was intended to lead to self-sufficiency. Sadly, that seldom works. The market in Nepal is flooded with cheap imports from India and China and exporting products is difficult, so many women and their children continue to survive with donor support in these shelters.
At Her Farm, we recognized that most of these women already had a valuable...

Peak Langtang

Volunteer in Nepal now on SALE

From Our Volunteers | 27 January 2013

25% off selected placements for a limited time. Now is the time to plan your summer volunteer in Nepal trip and to help motivate you we've discounted some of our most popular programs by 25%. That means hundreds of dollars in savings for you. This is a limited time offer from The Mountain Fund so reserve your place today and let's go to Nepal. To get your discount, simply enter the promo code Nepal as you make your reservation at and save big. 

Mountain Fund, Hiker Alert and the search for Aubrey Sacco

From Our Director | 12 January 2013

The Mountain Fund is pleased to announce our partnership with Hiker Alert is the best friend an outdoor person can have and provide peace of mind for your family. The Sacco Family needs peace of mind as well. It's been two years since their daughter disapeared without a trace in Langtang National Park, Nepal. Despite immense pressure from family and friends, not one solid lead of her whereabouts has surfaced. The Mountain Fund and Hiker Alert are donating to the fund to find Aubrey Sacco. Your purchase of Hiker Alert can give your family, and the Sacco peace of mind. Please join 

Medical Camp at School in Nepal

Fall Medical Trek in Nepal sees 350 patients.

Healthcare | 8 December 2012

A group of 10 medical and non-medical volunteers in Nepal visited several villages and village schools seeing 350 patients. Going for the first time to villages in the Dhading District we made it a point to visit several schools and give health checkups and public health instructions to hundreds of school children, in addition to the 350 patients we gave treatment to. 
We started the trek from The Mountain Fund farm in the Dhading District and followed local trails from village to village. On the way we took part in a wonderful home-stay program in the village of Patale and ended the trip at Nalang Nature Camp, a charming and beautiful resort in Nepal.
Thanks to all our great...

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