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Mankhu Village farm for women has first families move in.

From Our Director | 10 May 2012

Untouchable Families First In

The Mankhu Village Farm for Women is open and occupied. We've moved two families, both from the "untouchable caste" into the one house we currently have at the farm. There are a total of six children living there. We have provided them with land to farm on, seed to plant so they can grow their own food and a small wage for work they are doing to repair and improve the farm, enough to sustain them until the crops come in. We have also provide the children with clothing and school supplies. 

Before moving to the farm these familes had no land and were basically sqautting on nearby government land and living on the fringe of the village. Now they have a roof over their heads, land to farm and enough basic things to survive. 

Our challenge now is to build more housing for more women and children. We have enough land for farming to support as many as 30, but not enough housing. We have women and children waiting to live on our land and farm it to sustain themselves and we will move more in as soon as we can provide a roof over there head. If you can help us to build more housing please make a donation here  

To construct one house, in typical village fashion, that can house 10 more women and children we need approximately $7,000. 

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